I guess the rest of the country is stuck with us Texans... we aren't going anywhere

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 Yes, we braggy, obnoxious Texans are in hot water.  Last year, I saw what felt like dozens of articles praising the Texas economy… Touting us as the healthiest state in the Union.  Mmmm Hmmm    Marketing spin, lack of transparency, or pitiful research, I can't tell.  Now our talk of becoming our own nation has died back down.  Thank you! 

But in order to get back on track and redeem ourselves, we are having to cut, cut cut
And we are raising our next president here in Texas – our well coiffed governor, Rick Perry.  You know how we like to share our governors with the world?!?  He will fit right in in Washington – as up until the election, we were doing fine here in Texas (Rick was the incumbent, you see!)  Rick Perry is ready – but it appears his wife isn't to happy.  This article really made me laugh… Hopefully you don't have to be from Texas to appreciate it.  http://www.statesman.com/news/local/somebody-needs-to-goose-anita-perry-to-get-1203160.html 

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