I don't want to climb the corporate ladder

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By Linda Cavanaugh, CPA - I have had several jobs in my career and the ones I disliked the most were supervisor positions. I do not like being responsible for others work, making sure it is correct or making sure they do the work or even show up for work. I do not want to cover for somebody else.

I like coming to work, doing my job and going home. My current boss does not understand this. He likes to "groom" his employees so that they can move up in the company. He simply does not understand how someone could be happy being in the same position year after year.

There are a couple of reasons why I think I will be happy in this position year after year.

1. As a research accountant, I deal with different topics every day. I do not have a routine job where I am performing the same task month after month. Therefore, it is not really the same position because it changes every day.

2. I come to work so that they will pay me so I can pay my bills. I have a life outside of work that I enjoy very much. If I win the lottery, I will not continue to go to work.

3. Being promoted would mean more responsibility, more stress and more hours. As I stated in point 2, I have a life outside of work that I enjoy very much. I do not want to work more hours or be stressed out about what I forgot to do before I left. I do not want a blackberry, so the office can contact me whenever and wherever they want. I like being disconnected after I walk out of the building.

I would ask all the motivated, gung-ho people to leave us slackers alone. We are very happy where we are and are even happier when we are not at the office.

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