Hurry up! Scholarship application deadline is approaching!

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Are you an accounting student, or do you know an accounting student? There are plenty of scholarships available for accounting students, including the $1,000 AccountingWEB Accounting Student Scholarship, but application deadlines are approaching. If you are or know someone who is planning on attending school in the fall as an accounting student, make sure you check out all of the scholarships available.

Many accounting firms and professional organizations offer scholarships to students pursuing a career in accounting. We've done much of the legwork and have compiled a comprehensive list of nearly 70 scholarships geared toward accounting students. Some are local, requiring residence in a particular state, and many are national, meaning anyone can apply. Some require essays (like ours!), others simply require an application. Don't let anyone tell you there are too many applicants for these scholarships so it's not worth your time - start applying today and you might be surprised. All of these organizations have set aside money for these programs and want to give that money away.

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