How To Spur New Ideas And Get Help Brainstorming

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If you have ever had an occasion where you needed to be creative, you have probably tried some form of brainstorming. However, if you're like me, it doesn't take long to run out of ideas. One tool you can use to keep the creativity flowing is Google's Wonder Wheel. If you are unfamiliar with Google's Wonder Wheel, read on.

Go to Google and search for any term you choose. On the search results page, click the ‘Show Options’ link in the shaded information bar immediately below the search term box. This will display a column of search options to the left of the search results. In this list of search options you will find a link named Wonder Wheel. Click the Wonder Wheel link and give Google a few seconds to load a graphical display of your search term and related search terms. Each time you click a related search term on the Wonder Wheel, Google will update the wheel and show other related search terms. Using the Wonder Wheel can often spur new ideas when you need to be creative by displaying related terms you had not previously considered. Also, each time you click a new search term on the Wonder Wheel, the search results on the right of the page update with new search results which you can use to go more in depth on any term.

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