How To Not Send An Email You'll Later Regret

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By Ryan Williams, - Have you ever sent an email you later regretted? I know I have. Sometimes I have just been too quick on the trigger, and other times I have just not been thinking clearly. At the end of a long day or late at night, sometimes our mental capabilities diminish (certain beverages may also play a role). An email that seems like an elegant work of art at midnight may look like an email telling your boss he is an idiot in the morning.

Well Google has invented a clever way to combat this type of career damaging email. It's called Mail Goggles, and it is available in Google Labs. The feature forces you to solve a few simple math problems before Google will send your email. The purpose is to check your mental capabilities and to make sure you are thinking clearly. You can control the days of the week and times of day the feature is active. For instance, you can activate the feature only after 10 PM and until 7 AM the next morning. You can also control the difficulty of the math problems depending on whether you have children old enough to help you.

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