How to Instantly Communicate with Many People at Once

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By Ryan Williams, - Have you ever had to call and communicate the same information to numerous people? (For example, to cancel a meeting, to change a meeting location, or to tell everyone you'll be late for an event.) I know I have.

At Nexxtep we are all going in so many different directions helping clients throughout the day that we usually try to converge at the same place for lunch so we can all touch base. We have two ways of disseminating the lunch location to our team. The first method is via a text message group. We send a text message to an SMS group and everyone gets a text message with the lunch location.

The other way we can disseminate the information is via I'm sure everyone is aware of those phone tree solutions that call a bunch of people with a prerecorded message. Well does the same thing and it's FREE if you are calling less than 25 people. To setup Phonevite just go to their website, create an account and create groups for your contacts. Then, assign a telephone number to each group. Now all you have to do is call the assigned telephone number for a group and record your message. Phonevite will call every number in the call group and play the recorded message to them. Even if you can't find a legitimate reason to use this service it's still worth trying.

Happy teching,

Ryan Williams

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