How To Be Efficient Without a Marketer!

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By Sally Glick - Having just returned from the Association for Accounting Administrator’s annual conference, I am full of exciting new ideas. For those firms that do not have the size, budget or culture to sustain a full time recruiter, human resource professional or marketer, the administrators find themselves wearing every hat. In doing so, they need access to some tools to make them more effective in managing multiple roles.

For these firms, starting a marketing committee is a good first step. Understanding that time is a scarce resource, by forming a marketing committee, the firm can spread the marketing responsibility across a range of different people at different levels of experience. This also helps build consensus across the firm for any new marketing initiatives and ensures seamless implementation. Lastly, a wider range of exciting new ideas that are appropriate for the firm, its culture and its resources will be developed when more people are involved in the brainstorming.

If you already have a marketing committee, and want to talk about how to make it more successful - or if you would like to form a committee - let’s hear from you!

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