How Not to Make a Connection on LinkedIn Part III

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Some LinkedIn users, unfortunately, are finding new ways to abuse the system. The latest instance of this, in the form of a connection invitation, was more like a cold call than anything else:

Andrea has indicated you are a person they've done business with at QLT Recruiters 

Hi Joel, Your profile caught my attention today. We have been retained by a profitable consulting company that provides professional services in the not-for-profit vertical. We are searching for a CFO for a client facing role. Please contact me at 555.555.5555 to discuss this. Regards, Andrea

(All names changed to protect the guilty.)

You've guessed it - I don't know Andrea, and I've never done business with her or her company.

At least this one starts nicely - "Your profile caught my attention today" was nice. But after that it turns totally to her and what she wants. Apparently not much of my profile really caught her attention, as there is nothing in it that suggests I work with non-profits (I don't). This is once again equivalent to the person who is "me me me" at a networking event.

I wrote Andrea: Your invitation says we've done business together but I'm pretty sure I've never met you and I know I've never done business with QLT.  

Her response:  

I am sorry that I chose that option for how we were to connect. I wanted to reach out to you to network regarding an opportunity I am working on for a CFO/Controller opportunity located in Plymouth, MI. Please let me know if you would like to speak further or learn more details about the position. I can be reached at 555.555.5555. 

At least this now makes a little sense - Plymouth is in metro Detroit; in fact I drove through it this morning going to the dentist.

There are other ways to reach out to someone - seek an introduction through someone I know. Send an "InMail" to me. 

My advice: don't start a relationship with a falsehood. 

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