How Not to Make a Connection on LinkedIn Part II

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You know those LinkedIn connection invitations:

I'd like to add you to my professional network. - Joan (made up name).

Do I know Joan.  No. So why should I accept?

I think I've written before my rule on LinkedIn connection requests from the Detroit area: If I don't know them, I meet them first, then I'll accept.

So I wrote back to Joan:

Hi Joan, 

Thanks for your invitation. I have a rule when it comes to people from the Detroit area that I don't know who send me a connection invitation. I don't accept them until I've met them. So if you'd like to meet, odds are about 99 44/100% I'll accept after. 

That was a week and a half ago.  Today I get the following reply:

Thank you so much for the response and I would love to meet with you to hear more about Foundation Company. I am a Commercial Relationship Manager with Acme Bank (made up name) and would like to tell you a little more about Acme Bank along with offering my assistance to you and your clients for your commercial lending and banking needs. My home office is in Troy, where are you located? Would you, by chance, have a few moments available next week? 

What's wrong with this?  For starters, I don't work for "Foundation Company."  If you look at my LinkedIn profile, you'll see I used to work for Michigan Foundation Company.  I left there eight years ago. I started my firm after I left Michigan Foundation.  "Joan" clearly hasn't taken time to learn who I am, or anything about my practice.  The fact is that while there is nothing wrong with a Commercial Relationship Manager wanting to meet CPAs, I'm not the best choice.  Our practice is very niche focused, and our clients generally aren't in need of a local bank.

If you want to connect with me, I'm usually more than willing.  But not when you put this little effort into it. I'm hitting Ignore.

But I do thank Joan for giving me a topic for a good blog post.

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