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"How many  people read your blog anyway?" she asked me this morning.  It sounds like such a simple question, but I really don't know.

What do the statistics say?

  • I get statistics that show me:
  • how many people visit my site,
  • the number of pages they view,
  • the average amount of time they spend on each page, and
  • whether they've visited before.

If I were to dig deeper, I could find out more about visitors-where they hail from, what platform they used to find me, and perhaps even who they are.

I also know how many people signed up to receive my posts on an ongoing basis-and who has expressed interest in learning more.  What I can't tell is whether or not they read my blog.

Shiny magazines on the night table

I always liken feeds to my blog  to that stack of magazines you used to have on your night table.  You remember, don't you?

The magazines arrived all nice and shiny.  You took a quick look and vowed to read them later.

Then, eventually, you decided to de-clutter and trash everything you received before a certain date.  Your assumption was that if you hadn't read it by then, you probably weren't ever going to read it.

Indicators aren't conclusive

Even though a lot of people subscribe to my blog, I really don't know who actually reads it-or how often.  One could argue that I could infer the number of readers from the number of comments and retweets.

Nevertheless, robots can comment on blogs.  And, there are people that retweet blogs after just reading the headlines.  So, it's hard to estimate how many blog posts, like the magazines of yesteryear, merely gather virtual dust before prospective readers either forget they exist, or delete them entirely.

Just looking... thanks!

For that matter, I'm not sure how much stake one can put in "conversions" either-except for those that eventually turn into sales.  Just because someone enjoys your content, can you really assume that they'll ever want or need your products or services?  I don't think so.

So, why blog?

So, why do I blog?  For one, it helps me organize my thoughts.

For another, my blog gives prospective buyers that might not otherwise have the opportunity, get a sense of who I am, how I engage with my world, and what that world is.  Information, that should they also have an interest in buying, would likely be helpful.

Also, my blog attracts paying clients.  However, I only know that for sure, because I ask prospects what caused them to contact me.  So, in some cases "words may speak more than actions"-or be at least as reliable.

So, it's great that the number of visitors continues to accelerate.  But, I'll never know how many people read my blog-unless you want to comment below or give me a call...

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