How Fluid Is Your Office?

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By Ryan Williams, - A 2007 study commissioned by AT&T and conducted by Forrester Consulting found that, "today more than 50 percent of enterprise employees find themselves in circumstances in which they need to work in a fluid and dynamic fashion. For instance, they need to access email, voicemail, and faxed messages when not at their desks." This can be accomplished with the aid of the internet, mobile devices, and various software programs. Below I composed a list of questions to help you determine how fluid your office environment is. See how well you stack up.

Can your employees sit down at any computer in the office to check their email?

When someone is not at their desk, does your phone system find them via their cell phone?

Can your employees check their email on their cell phones?

Better yet, can they update their calendars from their cell phones?

Can they access their computer files from any computer with an Internet connection?

Even better, can they access their computer files from their cell phones?

If your employees have laptops, can they still remote back to the office to access your "line of business" applications when traveling?

Do your employees receive their voicemails via their email inbox so they can easily listen to their office voicemails from anywhere, including their cell phones?

Do you have an Intranet to serve as a centralized repository for company information so employees can find the information they need regardless of their location?

These are just a few questions worth considering. How well did you score?

- Ryan Williams


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