How Does Your Website Stack Up?

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Small, medium and large firms all rely in good part on their website to tell their story. Through the site you have a convenient, cost effective platform to promote articles, events, research, invitations, and news as well as post your brochures and newsletters. BUT - what do you know about the visitors to your site? There are many free analytical tools that can help you gather data about your viewers, discovering where they spend time, how often they visit, and other metrics. Using these key performance indicators you can make some decisions about the site, keeping it updated and continuously adjusting it to meet the needs of the audience you seek.

For those partners at small to mid-size firms, you do not need a significant budget to do this, and when you do, you level the playing field between your firm and the larger regionals. It is all about adding value and sharing resources - and providing information to a knowledge hungry group of business owners.

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