How Do You Measure Client Satisfaction?

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Satisfied, loyal clients are the foundation of every firm. That being said, how do you know if your clients are really happy with your services?

When conducting client surveys, most firms ask questions to determine satisfaction - but it is important to also try to drill down and discover if your clients are merely satisfied or are raving fans.Each firm has to make a decision regarding the subtle difference between simply "satisfied" and "very pleased." As you design the questions for your survey, you can pose them in a way to make this important determination - distinguishing thel evels of loyalty and commitment your clients have for your firm.

Whatever you decide to do regarding format and text, it is important for your firm to be able to digest and react to the feedback with an objective approach, act on relevant suggestions to improve your practice, and let everyone who has taken the time to respond know how much their insights are appreciated. In some instances, you may even feel a personal call is appropriate.

I once worked with a firm in the midwest that never conducted client curveys because they didn't want to hear bad news. Hiding your head doesn't make it go away, and in fact, being proactive may help you put out a fire before you all get too badly burned. But no matter what, you need to be prepared to accept the negative comments as well as the positive if you are expecting the results to help you make changes as necessary.


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