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Do you take many things for granted?  Most of us do.
You spend your working hours inside a CPA firm and many of you have been doing it for a significant number of years. Sometimes you forget to stop and smell the roses. And, being February, it might be a good time to send some roses, too.
I always like to ask partners to think about their first day on the job in public accounting. They talk about how lost they were and maybe how dumb they felt.
When you describe your firm (and public accounting) to potential new hires, don't forget to brag it up! We tend to dwell on the negative (not to the new-hires, of course, but to each other).
Right now is the perfect time to talk about the wonderful opportunities in public accounting with all of those bright, young interns you have hanging around the office.
 Here's the intern speech for you to use, just insert the name of one of your all-star interns:
"You know, Phil, the reality of the CPA profession and what makes it so important to you, is the fact that it is absolutely the BEST place to TRAIN for the business world.
Public accounting teaches you how to think in ways that have never entered your brain before now. Being an auditor forces you to look past what is obvious. Tax teaches you how to be cunning, creative and forces you to think proactively. You might say that being in tax engages the enemy.
What's more, public accounting is like the emergency room for all business. YOU are the DOCTOR and PATIENTS come to you when they have a painful problem. You strip them of their clothes, see them for what they humanly are, do x-rays, CAT scans and all kinds of tests to be sure it is a thorough examination. You see into their personal life like no other person. Then you diagnose and treat them.
Also, Phil, if you keep your eyes, ears and mind open during your time with them, you will see how successful businesses are run and how true entrepreneurs think. You might also see how mistakes and poor judgment can take a business down. What a training ground!"
 "The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” - - Allan Chalmers 


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