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I love delivering education online!  It’s efficient. It’s convenient. And it can be delivered to audiences so quickly that the information has that “hot off the press” appeal.

Back in the day, with live seminars and snail mail you needed a couple of months lead time to plan an event, pick a few cities to tour through, book facilities, design, print, and mail a brochure, print and ship manuals and take registrations via phone, mail, or fax. That’s 6-8 weeks minimum to ensure a successful event.
Now, with online education (combined with online promotion and online registration) you can have a program planned and open for registration in a matter of days. Amazing. Take a recent example: The new Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment/HIRE Act) gets signed on March 18 and a scant two weeks later we are already marketing the live webcast that will examine the impact of the new law.
As a CPE provider it is great to be able to provide such fresh information. And, of course, the attendees benefit as well. They get timely information from a nationally known expert (in this case, Vern Hoven). They don’t have to travel to a big city to hear this speaker if the live “tour” isn’t coming to their area. They get the information they need from the comfort of their own office without the time or expense of traveling.  Love it!

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