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Frequently when talking to bankers, attorneys or other referral sources, someone will ask who is on our “hot list.” The bankers seem to do a much better job of singly out key prospects, companies that are being specifically targeted as a new business opportunity. These companies can be gleaned from a database targeting a geographic area, an industry, or even a specific size company. No matter how you slice and dice your list, the idea of having some particular names of businesses that you believe would make excellent clients for your firm, is invaluable.

Knowing exactly who you are targeting gives you many more options! You can ask colleagues, referral sources and even existing clients if they are familiar with the company or its owner. A personal introduction to someone on your hot list can significantly reduce the time spent trying to get ‘in the door’ and can give you the credibility you need to make a meaningful impact.

Creating a hot list of key names involves some homework on your part, but it can give you a great advantage as you are identifying new avenues for business development! The results are worth the behind-the-scenes effort.

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