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By Allan Boress, CPA - I think Mrs. Clinton would make a fine CPA, in case she accidentally loses the nomination or the election (which I do not deem possible for many reasons, the biggest of which the opposition has weak candidates running against her).

Here are the attributes that lead to make her a fine CPA candidate:
- intelligence
- patience
- willingness to put up with less than desirable circumstances
- an "understanding" marriage always helps
- and the best of all... the talent of not giving a straight answer

For over 25 years, I have heard clients complain that their CPA never gives them a yes or no opinion or answer to their queries. Years ago, that was because we were trained not to give such advice as we didn't want the client to come back to us and complain if our advice was wrong. Now, of course, litigation possibilities would be a good reason.

Mrs. Clinton has honed this skill to a fine-edged tool. Witness her answers to questions about issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens (i.e.: "guest workers"), the social security dilemma and raising taxes. Peggy Noonan, columnist of the Wall Street Journal, poured over Clinton's comments after last week's debate. Here, boiled down, is what Hillary said:

Giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses makes sense because it makes sense, but she may or may not be for it, but undocumented workers should come out of the shadows, and it makes sense. Maybe she will increase the payroll tax on Social Security beyond the current $97,500 to $200,000. Maybe not. Everybody knows what the possibilities are. She may or may not back a 4% federal surcharge on singles making $150,000 a year and married couples making $200,000. She suggested she backed it, she then called it a good start, or rather "I support and admire" the person proposing such a tax for his "willingness to take this on."

Well done, Mrs. Clinton. You would make a fine CPA.


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