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Several years ago I heard a well-known New Jersey architect say that the most important tool in his marketing arsenal was the use of personal thank you notes! The first thing he did immediately after meeting with a prospect was to send a note - or an email - thanking the business owner for making time to see him. he did this because he knew it would take him a few days , or perhaps as long as a wek or more, to put together a formal proposal and he wanted to diminsh the time in between that first visit and the next contact with the prospect. He felt too much could happen in the course of those 7-10 days that might adversely affect his chances.

Next, if he LOST the engagement, he always sent a personal, hand written note to the prospect, indicating his disappointment and wishing them well. Over the years of doing this he said that occasionally he received calls from prospects who had initially selected another architect, but were imemdiately disappointed with their first choice. Upon receiving his kind note, they reconsidereed and offered him the project. He truly knew how to take advnatage of the possibility that "buyer's remorse" might impact a prospect - and he worked hard to stay in front of them even when it seemed the decision making process had ended. The lesson he taught me was that sometimes the deal is not really done, even when it seems as if the door has been shut.

In a sea of expensive marketing communications options, I thought you might find this advice helpful.


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