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By Sally Glick -
As a CPA at a local firm, you are competing with larger regional and national firms to keep your existing clients, to generate a pipeline of new prospects and to attract and retain quality staff. One of the advantages you have is the strong, personal relationships you have built and the personal attention you deliver. That being said, as so many of the baby-boomer owned companies are looking ahead to their own retirement, few firms are proactively helping their clients prepare an exit strategy. Instead, CPAs often learn about an impending sale or transition when client calls on the way to meeting with an investment banker. Why not be involved from the beginning, driving the process by helping the owner/client increase the business value today to enable a successful transition tomorrow? This is where your knowledge, expertise and strong relationship play a powerful role. Whether they are transitioning to the next generation in the family or arranging an inside – or outside – sale, you can enhance your position by remaining in close touch with your clients and having a clear understanding of their short term and long range goals.

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