Health Care Reform... What Say You?

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For those of you in management at your public accounting firm or company, how are you dealing with the rising costs of health insurance? It's no surprise that benefit levels are dropping for employees, as firms and companies find 20%+ annual premium increases difficult to absorb.

I really have to feel for people without health insurance. It's easy to get nickel 'n dimed for basic health needs, that's for sure. Even with good insurance, for a recent bout of pneumonia I had an out-of-pocket cost of $200 (two office visits and a load of drugs). Without health insurance, this figure would have been far, far higher.

Regardless of your political affiliation, the term "Obamacare" is ingrained in today's vernacular. How do you feel about our country's health care situation? Since you're a CPA, controller, EA, bookkeeper or some type of accountant, how do you feel about these challenges from a financial perspective? Voice your opinion here. You may do so anonymously, if you like.

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