Having Fun While Building and Enhancing Relationships

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Summer brings good weather and the chance for some casual, fun entertaining. A CPA I know invites the firm’s “A” and “B” clients to his home every summer for an old fashioned backyard barbeque. Business owners across a wide range of industries have the chance to mix and mingle (and network!) while spouses get a chance to meet each other too. The event has taken on momentum over the years and an invitation is much sought after! You could do the same type of thing and include referral sources and staff as well. Whatever mix of guests you are comfortable inviting, the bottom line is that by opening your home and providing great food and conversation, you will make strides towards developing happier and more loyal clients. The relationships will grow stronger and may move to a more personal level.

If your home is not appropriate for such a party, there are many other venues. A law firm I know on the east coast traditionally rents a fishing boat and invites all their best clients out for a day of fun and fishing. It is always standing room only. So no matter what activity you plan, use your imagination, kick back a little, and have a good time!

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