HALT Your Marketing or Pay the Consequences!

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By Allan Boress, CPA - Many moons ago I learned an acronym that has improved my life and my business: HALT. It seems Bill Clinton didn’t. The unusually poor PR he has received lately is because he has not been his cool self. And HALT especially affects every CPA this time of year. Ignored, it damages relationships and kills marketing efforts.

I love acronyms and mnemonics: memorizing simple phrases or words helped me pass the CPA exam. HALT forces me to remember that I need to be EXTREMELY careful in all of my communications and marketing:

H= Hungry
A= Angry

Whenever one is experiencing any of these symptoms, let HALT remind them that they cannot think clearly, and what pops out of their mouth – or how they act or react – will likely not be 100%, and can destroy years of effort.

I think Bill is angry and very tired. No wonder, campaigning is 7 day a week work, non-stop. Add in travel, and you have a recipe for disaster, thus Bill’s recent comments and actions. Plus he is ticked off at the ruckus Obama is causing them in their cakewalk back to the White House. Please understand I am not a Bill Clinton fan, but an admirer of the communication skills he displayed when he was the boss.

WHO CARES? YOU SHOULD. How many relationships have been damaged, great employees lost, office morale discouraged, marketing ruined because you or others at the firm were suffering from HALT but were so tired you didn’t realize it?

Marketing lesson to be learned: limit your communications this time of year to when you are feeling top of your game and BE VERY CAUTIOUS at all other times. If Slick Willie can suffer from HALT, so can you. And it will hurt your ongoing campaign to show value in client and referral source relationships and kill marketing efforts.


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