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While I was away on vacation last week I met up with a marketing director who was working with a law firm on their upcoming anniversary party which was going to be held at a local art museum. It made me wonder how many of you take full advantage of your own good news or special events, like celebrating your anniversary!

For those firms that have been around for ten years or more, this is a noteworthy event that you can easily leverage. Not only does your longevity say something important about the firm, but it also gives you a reason to reach out into the community with a different “twist.”

There are many exciting ways to celebrate your firm’s milestones, but there should be a specific plan for integrating anniversary activities. For example, perhaps you can display quotes from your longest standing clients in honor of your company’s special anniversary along with testimonials from local business, community and governmental leaders. If it is a really big anniversary – like 50 years – you can write to your state’s legislators, governor and even the White House – who will happily send you letters commemorating the event that you can frame and display in your lobby or elsewhere. You can also have several special events planned throughout the anniversary year for select customers and key business contacts. Perhaps you can adopt a local charity for the year and jointly host some events to raise awareness as part of your anniversary activities.

Focus on the internal message as well. Remember that your staff will take great pride in a special celebration. When we had our 50th anniversary, we created a timeline of important dates and displayed them in the kitchen area. Then we found information about the accounting profession dating back to the 1950s. The staff enjoyed seeing ads for the latest “bookkeeping machines” from the Journal of Accountancy’s archives!

There is no reason to be shy when you have something worth shouting about – so have the anniversary information printed on the firm’s letterhead for the year as well as mentioning it on your website and in other places. If you have the budget have these events culminate with an anniversary party, this is a great way to end the year and most especially to thank all your loyal friends, vendors and clients. Everyone likes a party and those close to you will want to share in your firm’s good fortune!


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