Got a Problem? An Ethical One?

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By Dave Burt, CPA - Recently, we received several questions from readers who wrote in about ethical issues (See: Co-Worker Ethics, 10/12/07; Employee Perks, 10/26/07). One reader had a problem with a co-worker’s reported mis-behavior and one was generally disturbed with what he saw in the news. Their plea: what do they do? I also have a story. Once as a division controller, I fell out of grace with corporate because of large increases I proposed making to our division’s reserves for bad debt and inventory obsolescent. There was no mistaking it. One day I was lauded by the corporate controller for being a go-getter and the next I was called on the carpet by our general manager for some vague ineptitude. The only incident between these events was my proposed entries, which, in the end, I made. While I no longer work there, I still have my integrity. Something one should never leave at a prior employer.

Do you agree with me? Where did I go wrong? Have you a similar experience?


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