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Google has launched a new service called Tip Jar. The basic idea is for people to post their best tips on a variety of topics, and then visitors vote on the quality of the tip. The subject areas include At Home, At Work, Finance, Kids & Family, Shopping, Food, Cars & Transit, and Travel. Below are a couple tips I found. The site is worth checking out, if even just for a minute. Here is the URL:

"When composing reports or essays, turn OFF spell check. Seeing that you've misspelled a word onscreen curbs the creative fluidity process. When you're done with the first draft, turn it back on."
--Smart Bombshell, Phoenix, AZ

"If you have a security system at home, call your insurance company and let it know. Many will give you a discount on your homeowner's insurance and may even refund part of your last premium."
--johnv, Chicago

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