Google Spreadsheets Not Living Up to Excel, Take a Look at Google Forms

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Many of our readers will be familiar with google docs or at least have used google spreadsheets to collaborate with clients or coworkers at some point. One aspect of google docs that is often overlooked is the Forms option. Google Forms lets you create an online form which stores the results in a google spreadsheet for later analysis. I have used Google Forms to set up surveys for client feedback, test marketing products and for providing online quotes to clients. There are many other online survey tools, such as Survey Monkey, that excel at what they do, but the reason I gravitate towards Google Forms is the ease of embedding the form into your own website. With very little understanding of web technology most users will be able to copy and paste the code for their form directly into their website. This is advantageous because now your client doesn't have to actually leave your site to fill out the form. There is also a direct URL option that can be pasted into a site as an external link or that can be included in an email.

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