Good Time for New Faces

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It is that time of year when you probably don’t feel like you need another lecture from a marketing director. Tax files waiting for you to review are piled everywhere, you are getting bored with even the most creative theme lunches and the stress relief head and neck massages are just not working for you! I get it. Tax season is tough. But I also know that this is a great time to perform well and to please clients by going the extra mile. It provides the perfect chance to demonstrate the value of your firm in a positive way. There is probably no other opportunity throughout the remainder of the year when you meet so many of your clients in such a compressed time frame.

That being the case, maybe it is also a good time to ask if there is anyone they know, perhaps a customer, a vendor, a neighbor – or even someone they have met while sitting on a board or attending an industry association program – who you should also meet. Now is a great time to start being introduced to some new people and expanding your database. You have to remind yourself that you are not looking for a "lead" right now. (Although that would be nice, of course!) Instead, you are just gathering additional names for your e-mail alerts, newsletters or invitations to some of the firm’s seminars. If you are willing to put in the effort to turn these contacts into relationships, it will pay off for you and the firm. So with clients coming and going all day for the next few weeks, take the plunge and see if they have someone to introduce to you. You will never know until you ask!

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