Geldof loves Cloud concept, still dislikes Mondays

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At the BETT education conference in London to promote his communication and data applications provider, Groupcall, Sir Bob Geldof argued that during tough economic times, every industry sector needed to focus on reducing outgoings.

A "f***ing brilliant" idea that will allow the IT sector to "get to the future now," said Geldof, singer, songwriter, activist, and former lead singer of The Boomtown Rats. He called on both the public and private sector to adopt Cloud computing as a way of simplifying the UK's IT infrastructure.
"The necessity of the economy is to reduce. So the government will have to probably spend less on over-complex systems and be forced to look for simplicity," said Geldof. "We are going to try and explain to government how over-complex systems will fall over and how there is technology available that gives them what they want."
He added that there are many examples in the public sector of how Cloud computing could make a difference.

"Education is a sector that is floundering because the system imposed on administration and teachers by the government is over-complex," he said. "It's like the NHS computer system. Once you know it's doubled the costs and is in the millions, it's too complex and won't work. It needs to be simplified."
Cloud computing enables companies such as Groupcall to expand into new countries, although those with existing installed-on-premise technology have their own barriers in place, he said.

"We have to configure [new applications] to individual [country] needs - it's a bore, a nuisance," said Geldof. "Where we will expand hugely is India and China, where they never put in those [proprietary] systems."

This article originally appeared on Business CLOUD 9, a Sift Media UK publication.

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