Frankenstorm Monopolizes (and Ruins) Halloween

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Just when you thought your Halloween would be occupied with applying zombie makeup and stuffing your desk drawer with chocolate bars, you get hit with a real nightmare, at least if you happen to live in the East or have family or clients who are affected by the storm. You can count on tax accountants to see through the tricking and bring us some treats in the way of reminders about casualty losses and accounting for property damage.

Meanwhile, the IRS is urging tax preparers to "beat the last-minute rush" and rrenew your 2013 PTIN NOW, before the digital queue gets so backed up that you have to wait and renew it, uh, LATER. Anyhoo, if you have $63 burning a hole in your pocket and 15 minutes to spare that you won't be able to find later, go ahead and get it over with. It's not like you can make this go away by waiting.

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