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So many books to read… little time to read them. The book I have just finished reading is “Performance3: Planning x People x Process” by L. Gary Boomer, CEO of Boomer Consulting, Inc.

Gone are the days of “this is good enough.” The industry today is changing at a rapid pace, and firms must stay competitive.

To achieve this, firms must stay focused. Have a strategic plan… train your people… build teams…look at the 5 year picture. These are only some examples from the book.

One thing our firm does is hold a “retreat” once a year, where partners and managers get together and discuss long term and short term goals/plans for the company. It really is great to be a part of the planning process!!

A firm can have a great retreat, but what happens to those goals/plans? More often than not, they never come to fruition. Partners and managers come back super-charged, but then life happens and things are placed on the back burner. Make it a point to implement at least 2 short term initiatives.

This is a great book to assist firms in taking it to the next level. Do you want to play in the minors, or step up to the majors?

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