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 Sure, you are busy.  Everyone at the firm is VERY busy.

It’s that time of year inside CPA firms when the show must go on! You are giving your best performance.
·       You return calls very quickly (because you need the clients’ info).
·       You are collaborating with others, checking on their progress, actually giving them guidance and encouragement.
·       You focus and work very quickly.
·       You don’t spend time chatting in the break room.
·       You turn work around very quickly.
·       You overlook little annoyances because you are on a mission.
·       You don’t have time to whine and complain.
·       You overlook the little things and focus on the bigger goal (April 15th).
·       You actually feel energized, needed, valued and take pride in your skills.
Now, what happens once April 15th has past and the pace is much slower?
You can tell a lot about a firm and its culture when grinding out client work slows down some. What do you do when there is no crisis or closely approaching due date?
Do you sit and wait for the next one?
A lot of time will be wasted in CPA firms from April 19 until September 1.  Will you take advantage of the opportunities awaiting you and your firm or will you coast through another year?
"There's no business like show business." - -Irving Berlin

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