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Why no recent blog posts? I got busy. I guess that’s a good thing in one way and bad in another sense. In addition to client work, I have been collaborating with my good friend and associate, Dr. Mo Pickens, PhD on his new golf book Learn to Win – A Major. Check it out at http://drmolearntowin.com/. It’ll be out early in May. In addition to learning how to win major golf championships, it offers great advice both for business and life.

In addition to my blogs, I am working on four new books. Pretty crazy, but it’s a good way to completely flunk retirement. In addition to another golf book, I decided to expand on my training programs and teaching. Since I teach for Bisk Education it seemed to be a good idea to share some of my material in another book or two.
My first two books, Dynamics of Profit Focused Accounting and Profitable Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance represented a good start, but more ideas emerged. Why not take my training programs and convert them into an easy to read business books? Plus, I can share these topics with you as blog posts during their development.
You’ll get a series of practical tools to improve and focus on bottom-line profitability. This is what happens when you take a road trip across the desert. You begin thinking and generating new ideas. The new book concept evolved somewhere on the road through the desert between Moab and Reno.
Here is a brief preview of what’s coming. The new book will become a series with small, easy to read books on a variety of pertinent business topics. We’ll start by tackling strategy, value chain, risk management, and internal control, to list a few. Some other topics will be developing value propositions and defining the future. I will create these mini books as part of a complete series and then share some of the information in my blog posts. A win/win for everyone.
Hopefully this will whet your appetite. I encourage you to join me on this journey. Who knows, where it might lead and what we’ll learn.

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