First Impressions Matter

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This is just a little reminder to all of you that no matter what size firm you are, it is important that your guests form an immediate positive impression regarding  the quality of the services you deliver. Although it is not fair, sometiimes the experience they have when walking into your firm's office contributes significantly to their over all judgment regarding your capabilities.  As busy season approaches, bringing with it an increase in traffic to your firm, do a quick audit of your lobby and other frequently visited areas. Is your lobby clean, welcoming, and comfortable? Do you offer your guests some refreshments (coffee, water, etc.) Do your guests have ample space when waiting for you? Do you take advantage of the lobby to display the firm's marketing materials? What other reading materials are available?  (This can include reprints of articles authored by partners at the firm along with local publications, newspapers and trade journals) Lastly, if someone needs a prviate place to make a phone call, can you assist with that request? 

Obviously it is everyone's intent to serve their clients quickly and we all hope that clients do not spend too much time waiting in the lobby. But even five minutes can seem like an eternity if the client is uncomfortable or left without any amenities or attention.  Think about it from their perspective and adjust accordingly so that your firm's first impression is a WOW experience.

If you are doing something special for your clients, let us know. We'd love to hear  your ideas.


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