Firing D-Level Clients

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This is a topic that is continually talked about in articles, at retreats and among partners inside the firm.  Yet, not much happens.  While there has been great concern during the last year about retaining clients, I think you really mean retaining GOOD clients.  There are some that simply no longer fit, some that create a lot of hassle in the collection area and some that you simply do not like.According to Arvid Mostad, President of Mostad & Christensen, Inc., a well-know supplier of quality marketing materials to the CPA profession, here are some habits of bad clients:

  • Slow paying or non-payment of fees
  • Write-downs always exceed write-ups
  • Client frequently complains about billings
  • Client is unwilling to pay for added services
  • Not profitable when compared to other clients
  • Personality conflict with partners and staff
  • Client conduct makes staff uncomfortable
  • Client fails to provide information on a timely basis
  • Client doesn't listen to advice given, then complains about results
  • Client projects are always on a crisis schedule
  • Client's activities expose the firm to liability

Visit the Mostad & Christensen website to obtain a FREE brochure titled, "How to Fire Bad Clients.""Success is never the result of spontaneous combustion.  You must set yourself on fire." - - Arnold Glasow


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