Finding Orphaned Songs Within iTunes

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By Ryan Williams, - This tech tip is specific to iTunes users. If you have more than just a handful of songs, then you probably have created a few playlists. I currently have 23 playlists. Being the soft hearted guy that I am, the thought of an orphaned song hanging out in my iTune and not being assigned to a playlist makes me sad. If a song is not assigned to a playlist, it may never get listened to. If you also have a soft spot in your heart for orphaned songs and you would like to know how to find them and get them assigned to a playlist, here is what you do. The process is a little tedious, but if you support the cause, it is worth the effort.

1. Create a Smart Playlist by clicking on the file menu.

2. Add a rule for each and every playlist to only include songs where the playlist is not assigned.

This will create a Smart Playlist that shows only songs that are not assigned to any other playlist.

Click here for an example image of my "Orphans" Smart Playlist rules. No making fun of my eclectic musical tastes though. I get enough of that at home and around the office. :-)

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