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In my junk email folder this morning was an email from a recruiter to a former staff member of my Firm (I have their email forwarded to me after they leave to monitor for client communications).  The recruiter was writing my former staff member about an opportunity to see if he'd be interested in it.

Naturally, as the employer, I was a bit bothered by this.  So I hit reply and wrote the following:

Staff member is no longer with this Firm.

In the future, I'd appreciate you not sending emails to my employees at their work addresses.

Look, I realize that our staff hear from recruiters from time to time.  I even hear from them on occasion.  But don't use your work email address to do so!

To the recruiter's credit, he sent me the following reply to me a few hours later:

Thank you Joel.  I will make a note of it.  Also, if you have any needs at your firm, we would be happy to assist you.  We never recruit from firms that we work with.

I'm giving this guy props for thinking fast.  He took what was a complaint and turned it around somewhat creatively.  Whether we'd work with him and his firm is another story.  Wish I could think that fast sometimes.

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