Family Businesses Tell Us What They Need

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On Monday our firm held a focus group comprised of 10 family business owners. Our goal was to understand more about their needs and to gain their perspectives on what the role of CPA should be.  During the course of the one hour meeting, they made two critical points that I would like to share with you because of the implications for your marketing approach.

The first thing they agreed on was that they want a CPA who will be proactive. That is, thery want to work with someone who will come to them with suggestions and ideas and not wait for them to ask the questions. They felt the CPA should be the originator of important business discussions.  Next, they all said they want to work with a CPA who is  knowledgeable about their industry. In this way, they felt the CPA would be able to share trends, opportunities and benchmarks that could help the business owner make informed decisions. 

Recognizing what your clients value most should help you in developing your marketing message. Not sure of what the client is thinking? Just ask them!   

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