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I've been involved in an interesting conversation through the "CPAs Who Blog" group on LinkedIn.  Tracy Coenen posted a blog post there a couple of weeks ago called "Why I'm quitting Twitter (and you should too)".  She then had a follow up which still has an active discussion.

That got me thinking (again) about Facebook vs LinkedIn vs Twitter vs Blogging.  This is how I rank them in terms of how well I understand them and use them right now:

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Blogging (very close vote for 3rd place)

I love Facebook.  I get Facebook.  Because I tend to speak on there a lot, I get to stay in front of a lot of people.  People think I'm always travelling (I'm not), that I'm always eating Little Debbie Swiss Rolls (I don't but wouldn't mind it) and that I'm funny (I like that one).  I've become better friends with a lot of people I've known since I was a kid, and have become good friends with friends of friends.

I was early on LinkedIn - I've been on since April 23, 2005.  I've seen it change and grow.  I've established relationships with people I would have likely never met.  I can go into meetings better prepared if people have a good profile.  I still like LinkedIn.  I just wish half of my profile views weren't head hunters looking to poach my staff.

Twitter is a tough one for me.  I've had some success with it, just none of it really business success.  I've used it to successfully to complain to Delta when they have service lapses.  I've monitored Comcast outages on it.  I love following a Detroit based group through a specific hash tag.  I share links to things I like or relate to what I do.  But does that build anything?

The real problem for is that blogging is at the bottom.  And it should probably be at the top.

Please share your experiences - I'm very interested in hearing what you think.

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