Expanding the Strategic Direction of Your Marketing

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Accounting marketers who get caught up in executiion of the tactics of their firm's marketing functions often end up not having enough time to be more strategic in their approach. The result is that the marketing may appear haphazard or may not be consistent with the firm's overall growth goals and culture. The drastic increase in the use of social media is an excellent example. Everyone is talking about the importance of using LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter but few are discussing how to realistically use these tools in conjunction with their firm's overall strategy for client retention and business growth. The gap between the "tactics" and the "results" can be overcome with careful strategic planning.

When you are working with your marketing committee or marketing professional - think about the goals you have set and create a relevant plan that you can stick tthroughout the year.

While implementation is the key to success, having a well-defined strategy is always the most important first step  in the process! Happy Holidays to you all!


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