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Excel Training Hot for Accountants

Aug 11th 2010
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Excel is the accountant's tool of choice for creating financial statements, budgets, and other financial reports, yet many accountants have never received any formal Excel training. As a result, they are spending more time than necessary to get their work done and maybe even opening themselves up to potential errors.

Looking to right the wrongs of being self-taught, accountants are now seeking Excel training in droves. CPE Link has seen participation grow substantially in both its live webcasts and self-study programs covering Excel.  Some of the most popular topics include speed tips, pivot tables, macros, advanced formulas, and creating charts.
Excel training in webcast format can be a powerful learning experience. The webcast platform allows participants to see the instructor's computer screen as he demonstrates directly in Excel. The learner gets a close up view of the click-by-click steps needed to perform each function. And of course, as in any training, they can get their questions answered. In addition, the webcast format allows attendees to review the material again after the live presentation as they have access to the recorded presentation--a great added benefit to reinforce the material.
CPAs are learning how to use some of the more powerful features in Excel and are on their way to becoming power users. They are excited to be discovering new shortcuts that will really save them time. Some CPE Link webcast attendees have commented about their Excel training:
  •  "Probably the best class I've taken in Excel. Very practical tips...many I wish I'd known about years ago!"
  • "Some of the best Excel info I've ever gotten!"
  • "I was very pleased with the course. Excellent time-saving tips."
  • "This was an excellent presentation. I learned a lot that can be applied immediately. Very worthwhile.”
Due to the popularity of its Excel programs, CPE Link is beefing up the Excel curriculum and now offers Excel training year round. Isn’t it time you learned some tips and tricks that can help you work faster, with fewer errors and add real value to your practice?