Engaging Your Young Professionals in Developing Soft Skills

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Good morning everyone: September heralds the "back to school" season across the country, with a renewed commitment to business as summer draws to a close. Back to school can also take place in your own firm - with new CPE  programs as you prepare for the year. One area that you may be overlooking is teaching  soft skills to your younger staff.  I remember reading a Harvard Business Review article that called this 'the hard task of learning soft skills' because we all focus so much time on building technical skills that we don't give enough attention to the leadership skills with are equally as important.  In fact, according to the book, Emotional Intelligence," those soft skills are a critical indicator of a person's potential for success at work.

So what are you doing to help your young people? Lunch 'N Learn programs can offer tools and case studies to educate staff on a variety of topics that will help them throughout their careers, from business writing tips to public speaking exercises to networking and relationship building training.  Without tools and hands-on training, these areas will be neglected, but with a structured educational process in place internally, you can help grow your professionals' confidence and skills so that they will be better prepared to help the firm flourish and perhaps someday become its leaders!   

What have you been doing at your firm to broaden the educational scope of your young people?


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