Employees First, Clients Second....Really?

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Who hasn't heard these words before...the client is always right......keep the client happy.....do what the client wants.  What if the tables were turned?  What if your employees came first and the clients second?

I was reading an article by Vineet Nayar, CEO of HCL Technologies, Ltd in which he addresses this subject.  Mr. Nayar spoke during the general session of the 2010 SHRM Annual Conference, and shared his thoughts on what it takes to inspire employees, build an organization that is recognized as being a global leader, and as having one of the most progressive and modern management styles in the world.

Nayar stated that by focusing on the needs of employees and by encouraging and inspiring them to do their best, his company soon began experiencing remarkable growth and performance.  Imagine that...a culture in which employees are encouraged to do their best.  It's like planting a new flower.  If you don't give it the food and water it needs consistently, it will shrivel up and die in the background.

Same holds true for employees.  By putting them first, they will grow into engaged, confident employees.  In turn, they will be on the mark when dealing with clients.  Constant feedback and mentoring is important, as well as being available to answer questions.  Our employees are only as good as what we give them.  Don't be afraid to challenge them with new opportunities.  By doing so, it will propel them forward and assist with their growth, both professionally and personally.

Nourish them and they will flourish! 


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