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Many CPA firms (the leaders) want to grow the firm, expand their services, hire the absolute best people, educate and develop everyone in the firm, streamline their processes, provide incredible client service, enhance profitability and so on.
The problem is, while MANY WANT all these things to happen, MANY DO NOT WANT to change, personally.
As the weeks fly by and busy season will soon draw to a close, many people working in CPA firms reflect upon why they do what they do and where they are going.  What can you do to enhance an aspect of your life that you've neglected in your pursuit of just keeping up with the demands of your career?
Here's an idea from SUCCESS Magazine:  Expand your thinking with new experiences.
Each month for 30 days in a row, commit to doing something new that you have thought about doing, but have not done and notice how it affects your life.
Some possibilities: Exercise, listen to upbeat music, don't watch TV news, meditate for 20 minutes, read a self-help book for 30 minutes, plan your next day's to do list BEFORE you go home for the evening, listen to an educational CD in the car, call your spouse.
For CPA firm citizens: Enter your time before you go home for the evening, always use the In/Out board, call one client, call one prospect, hand write a note to one team member each day complimenting them on something, refrain from verbalizing any negative thoughts or comments, take 15 minutes to walk around the office every morning to see if anyone needs your advice or help, write a short note to a prospect.
Clarifying: Just do ONE of these things every day for 30 days. The following month pick another one.
To move your firm forward, quit worrying about trying to please everyone. Keep changing and evolving; don’t let a few naysayers become roadblocks.  
As Bill Cosby says:  "I don't know the key to success, but I know the key to failure is trying to please everybody."



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