Economic outlook 2011: A spring in our step!

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Every year, in the dead of winter, there comes a time when the dreariness gets me down, when I start to wonder if maybe spring actually won't come this year and we'll have to look at gray, leafless trees and bare flower beds for unending months ahead. Obviously I don't live in California. But here it is, mid-April, and sure enough, the first signs of spring are peeking out from under the winter dirt and fallen branches.

KPMG's recent Pulse survey shows that thousands of manufacturers and service providers - business peoplel in the trenches - predict a positive outlook for the economy. Nothing like a little good news to get the Spring rolling! According to the KPMG Pulse survey, global business optimism is extremely high. Can we bank on that? Only time will tell. But it's refreshing nonetheless to read some good news at a time when companies are looking for some stability in the marketplace. Maybe a little spring in the step of the economy is just what everyone needs.

Best regards,

Gail Perry, editor-in-chief 


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