Earthquake in Virginia????

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Since I received so many contacts yesterday about the earthquake in Virginia, I thought I would write a post.

Yes, my family and I survived.  The house shook, but no damage.  The epicenter of the earthquake was only 30 miles from our house. 

When we moved to Virginia, no one mentioned earthquakes.  Now we might have a hurricane later this week . . . . . hmmmmmmmm . . . . . .20 below zero winters in Minnesota may not be so bad.  Who am I kidding, 6 months of winter, 60 inches of snow that doesn't melt until April, and 20 below zero temperatures.  I think Virginia still wins (for now).

Although, I have had two people in Virginia tell us that it gets "bitterly cold" here in Virginia.  "Bitterly cold" was described as 20 or 30 degrees in January and February.  They can still play golf here in November, maybe December.  After living 7 years in Minnesota, that seems crazy.

I hope you and your family are okay.

Did you feel the quake?

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