E-mail Campaigns are not Dead yet!

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While many thought that e-mail had become a thing of the past, replaced by Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, the truth is that an active e-mail contact is nearly priceless. A survey done by IBM/MIT indicates that such an e-mail is worth $948! The reason for the high value is that e-mail contacts are the most likely to be receptive to your messages, and therefore, most likely to purchase your services or be interested in the events and programs you sponsor.  ExactTarget's 2010 survey of marketers discovered that 54% are increasing their e-mail campaign budgets now and will continue to do so going forward. There is no mailing cost, the message is targeted, and your e-mail contacts are like to actually read and react to your e-mail message.

This is a great tool for the small and mid-size CPA firms because the cost is minimal and the impact helps to maximize your firm's reputation ! Good luck!


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