Duct tape no more!

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Now that my engagements are in full swing, I decided to splurge.

To this point, all my purchases have been necessities: I spent a lot of time fact-checking ("researching" is unacceptable to my academic friend) before I bought my laptop, docking station, accounting and audit guidance, and tax software. The money on the portable scanner paid for itself in the first two days through efficiency savings. Even the expenditures on the car were worth it - the chips, cracks and dents are now gone.

All that remained was the PDA. I have used the same brand for years, but the new one started falling apart early in Year Two. The memory card would slip out occasionally, and the charger and sync device constantly dropped out. At first, I used masking tape to hold it. I later went to duct tape - if it can hold a car door together ...

Then the PDA would not sync, and the only way I could charge the device with any consistency was to prop the plug and PDA against the base of my electronic toothbrush holder. I opted against a replacement; it had been discontinued and the ones available were more than I wanted to pay. So I kept the duct tape until the agreement expired. This time, however, the PDA was now a Smartphone, and I would be unable to shut off the data plan. It was time for more fact-checking.

I decided to switch, both phones and providers. Through the savings in the new plan, I splurged on the Smartphone. I am test-driving an Evo, which I was assured won't be obsolete in 30 days. I just hope it won't be too complicated. 

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