Drinkin' and Marketin' Don't Mix

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Linda was a highly respected member of a large community of committed networkers and business owners back home in
Chicago.  She was smart, hardworking and devoted to her staff and customers.

One night I attended an after-hours at a restaurant for some organization; I don’t remember.  I do recall that Linda got blotto drunk and her rep never really recovered. It was almost as if people couldn’t help themselves when they were around her; something had changed – for the worse.  We saw a side that wasn’t attractive, professional and consistent with who we thought she was.

Peter was managing partner of a client CPA firm.  They brought me in to do a training program and took everyone out to dinner.  Peter had a few too many, and embarrassed himself (and the firm) in front of a group of strangers. 

I know the benefits of booze. 

A little can relax you; it makes the whole social dynamic less dynamite.  Our walls come down and marketing, networking, conferences, you name it, the effort can be a little more fun. 

Or – you can cross the line and embarrass yourself.  Why take the risk?

I know people who have never had a drink their entire lives.  More often than not, they are highly successful despite not ever having imbibed.  For the last 27 years I have not partaken of alcohol in public, in part due to the effect I saw it had on others.  Often I am the only one sipping a diet coke. 

I have to work a little harder to relax, be friendly and open (it’s not my nature). But I will NEVER embarrass myself in public or make the people with me uncomfortable because I made a booze-related mistake.

Just say no.

Allan S. Boress, CPA is the author of 12 published books on marketing, selling and managing the business development process for CPAs.  The "I-Hate-Selling" Book is available at: www.ihateselling.com

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