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Just last week I was at a conference where Steve Adubato, NJ journalist, author, coach and professional speaker addressed a group of business owners on building a brand. While the event was not focused exclusively on accounting firms, the message remains just as relevant for us. The point Adubato made is that you need to consistently offer exceptional client service to attract and retain great clients. Once you have earned a reputation for excellence, it will stick with you and contribute to building your practice. BUT - somewhere along the line, in addition to the word of mouth referrals that will generate from loyal and super-satisfied clients, you also need to be prepared to speak on your own behalf. If you are doing something great, you should become comfortable saying so!

Testimonials are powerful - and the value of an independent, objective business owner or influencer who will put their reputation on the line to advance yours is priceless. Nevertheless you need to be confident and proud of all you have accomplished, and now and then you should say so.

Does anyone want to comment on your own experience at "bragging?" It is tough, and seems so self-serving, but when done well and with sensitivity, it can be one way of promoting your firm. 

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