Donate Your Leave Time to Sandy Victims

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Here's a way you can help you the victims of Hurricane Sandy - many of whom are still without power, living in shelters, or trying to piece their lives back together. The IRS has approved a program allowing employers the right let their employees donate vacation, sick, or personal days to the hurricane victims. The way it works is you go to work instead of taking the days off, and your employer takes the cash that would have been paid to you for your vacation time and donates it to a qualified organization providing relief to the hurricane victims.

Because you're not taking the money, your income is reduced and thus your tax liability is reduced as well. The employer gets a charitable deduction for the money donated to the hurricane victims. This program goes all the way through 2013.

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By Nice
Jun 26th 2015 01:10

So instead of multibillion dollar firms making a larger contribution they will do so on the backs of employees.

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